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Find the Best Water Damage Restoration in Milwaukee, WI

Water damage can lead to mold and health issues for your family, so it’s crucial to get it cleaned up right away. Fire and water damage companies dry your house and prevent further damage. We researched the best water damage restoration in Milwaukee to help you choose the right company to get your home back to normal.

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ServiceMaster Restore
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 60+ years of experience
  • Known for outstanding customer service
  • Available 24/7 for emergencies
  • Available in Milwaukee

Give us a call 24/7!

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  • On-site in under 2 hours after service call
  • 24/7 emergency disaster restoration
  • Certified & licensed
  • Carpet cleaning available
5757 Douglas Ave., Ste. B
Racine, WI 53402
(262) 456-3718
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Revive Restoration
  • Personalized dashboard for real-time service tracking
  • Uses ThermaStor drying equipment
  • Replies to non-emergencies in 4 business hours
  • On-site within 1 hour of service request
925 Applegate Rd.
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 222-9222
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  • IICRC-certified water restoration technicians
  • Lead-safe renovators
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Branch locally owned & operated
2430 10th Ave.
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
(414) 421-3500
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Emergency Fire & Water Restoration
  • Open 24 hours
  • emergencyrest.com
1301 E. Waterford Ave., Ste. A
St. Francis, WI 53235
(414) 810-3522
Paul Davis
  • Open 24 hours
  • milwaukee.pauldavis.com
2000 S. 4th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 383-3131
  • M-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Sat: 8am - 11am
  • Closed Sun
  • magikistrugcleaning.com
1844 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53205
(414) 344-4380
Accurate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc.
  • Open 24 hours
  • accuratecarpetcleaningwi.com
1516 Mackinac Ave.
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
(414) 324-2250
Damage Control
  • Open 24 hours
  • damage-control.com
16655 W. Glendale Dr.
New Berlin,, WI 53151
(800) 716-2565
Home Service Fix
  • Open 24 hours
  • milwaukee.homeservicefix.com
1117 S. 2nd St.
Waukesha, WI 53204
(414) 409-0349

Is water damage restoration necessary in Milwaukee?


Whether it’s from a natural disaster or a common accident, water damage leads to significant issues and needs expert cleanup right away. Water damage is often caused by leaking or burst pipes; plumbing system failures; faulty appliances or HVAC systems; house fires; or natural disasters. While these issues can happen anywhere, houses in central Milwaukee are more prone to flooding due to sewer overflow.

It’s critical to get water damage repairs as soon as possible. Delaying water damage repair in Milwaukee can risk your:

  • Home’s value. If water damage is left too long, stains and smells remain even after cleanup. Home appraisers notice these signs and decrease the value of your home.
  • Structure. The wood structure of your house can absorb water and weaken over time. This leaves your walls and floors prone to decay.
  • Electrical systems. Any electrical system exposed to water is a significant safety hazard that needs to be inspected by a experts immediately.
  • Health. Flood water is often riddled with contaminants that pose severe health risks. Water damage also leads to mold, which poses additional health risks for anyone in the house.

There are many different water damage repair services, and the work you need depends on how serious the damage is. First, the cleanup company checks the damage and moisture level in the home. Then, it contains the water, removes standing water and dries the area. After the drying process, the restoration business repairs, restores or replaces any damaged surfaces.

Many water damage cleanup companies also offer fire damage restoration and mold removal. Water damage and fire damage go hand in hand since water damage is frequently a result of firefighting efforts. House fires also lead to foul odors, soot deposits and smoke damage. Many companies provide immediate, emergency responses as well.

How to find a reputable water damage restoration company in Milwaukee

While there are no legal requirements for water and fire damage restoration companies in Milwaukee, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification sets standards for the industry. Companies that are certified by the IICRC have been through training to prove their technicians’ capabilities. Certifications from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry are also worthwhile.

Make sure your chosen water or fire damage restoration company has insurance in addition to certification. Before hiring a fire or water damage repairer in Milwaukee, ask some questions such as:

  • Do you specialize in certain services? Many cleanup companies provide multiple services. If possible, find one that specializes in your needs.
  • Is there any guarantee? Most reputable companies provide a guarantee on their work. It’s important to find out what specifically is covered.
  • Do you clean as well as restore? Sometimes there will be leftover marks on your carpets and walls after water damage. Make sure your chosen restorer leaves your house clean.
  • What insurance protection do you have? Every restorer should have insurance to cover both you and its workers.

How much does water damage repair cost in Milwaukee?

Water damage restoration in Milwaukee will usually cost at least $1,000. Pricing for water damage repair in Milwaukee can vary, but reputable companies will give you a free estimate before they begin service to make sure the bill is not a surprise.

Clean water damage from a burst pipe or failed appliance is easiest to clean up and ranges from $1,400 to $2,700. More complicated cleanup due to black water from sewage overflow; water damage that was not repaired quickly; or toxic mold can cost upwards of $7,500. Costs can increase depending on the extent of repairs.

Your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of water damage. Although most policies will not cover flood damage or sewage overflow, many policies will cover sudden plumbing emergencies that were not caused by neglect. Most homeowners insurance policies cover fire damage and even water damage from putting out said fire. Make sure to check with your insurance provider before hiring a restorer.

Here in Milwaukee, homeowners are not required to have water line or sewer line insurance. Information saying otherwise is a common scam spread around the city. There’s a chance that your homeowners insurance covers damage from these lines, but, regardless, the City of Milwaukee does not require any resident to purchase this type of insurance.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Reviews

ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore provides multiple services after a disaster including water damage restoration in Milwaukee. This company is IICRC certified and even works with the IICRC to help set the industry standards on water damage cleanup. Reviews are limited but positive about the results and service.

ServiceMaster Restore


RestoreMore is an emergency restoration company serving southeastern Wisconsin. This company uses only certified and licensed contractors, and they’re available 24/7. RestoreMore can arrive on-site in as little as two hours after your call. The company also provides carpet cleaning and mold removal services. Customers appreciate RestoreMore’s low prices and convenient service.


Revive Restoration

Formerly known as Aquire Restoration of Madison, Revive Restoration specializes in water damage repair in Milwaukee. This company provides emergency and non-emergency services for both residential and commercial spaces. Revive Restoration also provides fire damage restoration, storm damage repair and rebuilding services. Customers like the company’s prompt responses and professional service.

Revive Restoration


SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is a fully certified restoration company providing many services including fire and water damage cleanup. This locally owned company provides 24-hour service and strives to arrive on-site faster than anyone else. SERVPRO is in South Milwaukee but also serves Oak Creek, Greendale, Franklin and Greenfield. Reviews show happy, returning customers with excellent results.